YO! Welcome to Ground Fish! A funky little site that is full of local love for local business!If you are as big of a supporter of Local Business as we are, you are gonna dig this! We just want to give local businesses a chance to succeed. So we wanna give them a leg up and help to get them out there in front of people - right in the same community that they are.Let's try to go with Local Business when we can, right?

So, here are some of these local businesses that have reach out to us for some love!

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Edmonton Junk Removal Service is this company that comes out and hauls away the stuff you don't want anymore. You know the kind of stuff - old couches, chairs, tables, and anything else that keeps getting in your way. They really care about the environment too. Everything they take, they recycle or donate to needy people, we like that! They do regular residential jobs and even commercial jobs. No job too big or too small. They work with different property managers, collecting stuff that has been left by their dumpsters (this is called illegal dumping). They also rent dumpsters to folks who are doing renovations. They drop it off and come back to collect it when the job is done. Pretty reasonably priced too! Their number is 587.416.5475 if you are looking for junk removal.

I'm sure you have used a parking lot around the city or outlying areas. But I bet you don't really understand the maintenance required to keep a parking lot looking good. Edmonton Parking Lot Maintenance works with different property management teams, keeping buildings and lots in good shape. They do snow removal, parking lot sweeping, line markings, pressure washing, and different methods of asphalt repair or crack filling. They have all the right equipment and trained staff to handle the job. Reach out to them at 587.415.7628.

Digital Marketing is a big thing for small businesses. Or even the Big Dogs in the area. You don't just land in the number one spot on a Google search by accident. Working with someone who knows what it will take to outrank your competitors is a big thing. Madnic Innovations is a marketing agency, working one on one with local businesses to help them get online exposure. They understand Google. They offer SEO for existing websites and also do this thing called Dedicated Lead Generation, where they work for just one company, passing leads exclusively to them. That is really loving local business! Call them at 780.257.4731 if you need help with your business or website.

Painters Enterprise is in the business of breathing in new life to existing spaces. That includes both residential and commercial spaces. Often our areas begin to feel a bit drab and look somewhat lack luster. What they may very well need is a fresh coat of paint to rejuvenate the total space! Luckily, these guys know a lot about interior painting and can envision just how a room can feel, with the right color, texture, and design. Keeping with the overall functionality of the space and the clients needs, their team of top quality painters can produce results that will exceed most of their clients own imagination. They will help you love your home again and your employees love their workspace more.

When you are planning a renovation project, you may already be considering tile installation. And why not! The flood of different tiles that are available now on the market make tiling a very versatile material. It can belong in every room of your house now, thanks to so many different designs to choose from. If you are looking at installing tile in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even your bedroom, these guys have you covered. With a professional tile installer working on your project, you can count on the end results exceeding your expectations. Tile Installation Edmonton handles all kinds of projects, both residential and commercial. Check them out to get a quote on your next project!

If you are sitting with a dull old concrete floor in your garage, you are really missing out on some super update! The thing that people are talking about is how fantastic epoxy flooring is in the garage. What makes it so incredible is the ease of maintenance! PE Coatings has been applying epoxy flooring for years. And their clients will be the first to tell you that clean up is super easy. Basically sweeping and mopping with water will keep the floor looking fantastic. Application is not that expensive and the finished product is super durable and water proof. But it would probably be best to have it done by a professional. We would recommend talking to these guys as a great starting point!

This business is probably the last business you really want to have to call. But the reality for some is they need to. And just the thought of dealing with this kind of situation can get people's skin crawling. But in all seriousness, these bed bug exterminators are trained, experienced, courteous, and appreciated. Professional Pest Management has been taking care of its clients for many years. They know what to do and how to get it done so that it doesn't occur again! Nobody wants to have to deal with bed bugs. But if and when you do, these guys will treat you with dignity and respect. And they will handle it for you professionally. Edmonton's first choice for bed bug pest control.

Taking care of your property is important and should be the focus of homeowners. And business owners, as well. Maintaining a clean structure for visitors and guests is important. It also gives you a great bump in your curb appeal! With all that the seasons can throw at your buildings, they can get real dirty, dusty, and nasty! This company works diligently to make sure that your windows look great, both to look at and to look through! Capt Clean Window Cleaning and More will take on even the hard to reach windows and keep them clear and spot free. They have a great package for everyone's budget and can combine pressure washing of your exterior with your window cleaning service. You should definitely consider these guys for your windows and more!

If you are looking to save yourself some money when you renew your mortgage, you might want to consider a mortgage broker to add to your team. This group of Red Deer Mortgage Brokers have helped many home owners secure some very good rates! This is because mortgage brokers have exclusive rates with lenders that may not be available to the general public. You can get in on these when you let a mortgage broker work for you. And they don't charge you for their service. Fees are paid by the lenders that are competing for your funding. This is a real service to homeowners and should be taken advantage of! Get in touch with them when it's time to refinance or purchase a new property!

It has been said that a person's emotional wellbeing can be linked to their confidence. And often confidence can be linked to their outward appearance. Studio Vanassa has been providing services in Edmonton to help clients feel good about themselves and who they are visually to others. With industry leading permanent cosmetic tattooing and paramedical tattooing services, the team of technicians are very focused on ensuring their clients feel good. They offer many services such as lip blushing, ombre brows, enhanced freckles and beauty marks, as well as a full range of scar camouflage tattooing, stretch mark camouflage tattooing, and many other paramedical tattooing services. They are well ahead of many of their competitors on what services they offer and their ability to execute the perfect solution for clients. If you are looking to enhance your appearance in anyway, you should definitely check out their studio and services!

Taking care of oneself physically and emotionally is a long term investment in one's health. Staying active helps you maintain your overall health throughout your life. It is important to have the right team of professionals in your corner when your body starts to fight back at you. Today there is a growing popularity in finding a clinic that is well trained on sports injury and you will find many popping up in your communities. Strive Spine & Sport is one such clinic. Equipped with experience chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, and acupuncturist, the team is ready to assist you in your road to recovery. If you are looking for an Edmonton Chiropractor or physiotherapist, why not contact them to book a consultation. And discover the personal care that is available to you all from one location.

Isn't it lovely to be able to live in such a green city as Calgary? With all our our lovely treed parks and landscaping. We truly love to see our environment thrive well. Unfortunately, sometime we have to deal with our trees that may not be flourishing as well as we would wish. There are routine maintenance that needs to be completed to keep those lovely trees healthy and well supported. We have a great team of Arborists in Calgary that are qualified to trim trees and even remove them to avoid diseases from spreading. If you are looing for a qualified Arborist in Calgary, we suggest reaching out to this team of professionals. They take your trees seriously and want to ensure they provide the perfect backdrop to our daily lives.